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Name: Becka
Age: 15
Location: Wales
Height: 5'7
CW: 201
HW: 260
LW: 120
STGW: 150
LTGW: 110

Here about me is kinda off ish?

Time to say I think it's time to say hello ^-^
I am fat.
No I really am disgustingly over-weight.
I'm 201 pounds ((Yuck))
And I have 4 weeks before getting some piercings and I am determined their going to look amazing.
I used to be 120 pounds ((Hard to believe I know))
And I want to get back down to there, I know I probably won't do it in four weeks. . .but I want to get rid of IT.
Tomorrow I'm starting my strict regime of things.
Fruit at a minimum no junk food.
I want to start a fast. . .and was wondering if anyone would do one with me?
Please I really need the help to stop be from being so disgusting.
I'm determined to post in everyday with my weight. . .
Please help?

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