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Introduction [14 May 2010|10:25pm]

[ mood | thirsty ]

Name: Hikari

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:) [08 Apr 2010|08:18pm]

Name: Amy
Age: 16
Location: Australia
Height: 5'8" (173cm)
CW: 68.5kg
HW: 78kg
LW: 58kg
GW1: 65kg
GW2: 60kg
GW3: 58kg
UGW: 55kg
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I'm new here! [04 Jan 2010|07:12am]

Name: Samantha
Age: 17
Location: New York
Height: 5'7"
CW: 142
HW: 168..eww
LW: 134 (since i started keeping track)
STGW: 135
LTGW: 118

This morning I had a cup of green tea, have school in a little while. Not feeling so well today =[

I love texting buddies, and good ana sites, so if you have any, let me know!
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[29 Dec 2009|09:01pm]

Heyy I'm new here.
So here are my stats:

Name:  Shannon.
Age: 16, almost 17 :)
Location: Boston.
Height: 5'4"
CW: 128...
HW: 136 (REPULSIVE for my height, I know).
LW: 128.
STGW: 124
LTGW: 120

^^ I know my goals are not that low, but I have an unfortunately, naturally, very athletic build.
And when I make super far away goals I get discouraged.  Then depressed. And when I'm depressed,
I eat. So that's where I'm keeping them for now.
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need to talk to someone [13 Dec 2009|09:39am]

I didn't eat yesterday and i'm 2 pounds away from my FIRST goal weight!!! I'm so excited! that means i'll be 9 pounds down from my starting weight!!!! Okay and i'm having cravings...

I've been eating every other day for the past 5 days or so...how many calories do you think i should have to keep losing weight at this rate? between 500 and 1000?

aim me or email me

aim: thinwinsfirst
email: thinalwayswins@gmail.com
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New. [13 Dec 2009|09:37am]

[ mood | blah ]

Hey everybody, I was originally a part of another pro-ana community, but their rules suddenly got really weird and lots of folks are leaving... I decided to check out some other communities, and this one seems super supportive :) Anywho, enough rambling.

Name: Ariel (yes, like the mermaid)
Age: 16 ain't so sweet
Location: the South, USA (I get to live in the Bible Belt, what fun)
Height: 5' 2.5"
CW: 116
HW: 125 (ugh, how disgusting is that?)
GW: 100--

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hola [10 Dec 2009|03:24pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Name: Colin
Age: 20
Location: US, PA
Height: 6'1"
CW: 239.5
HW: 270
LW: 225
STGW: 220
LTGW: 170

i go through long periods of amazing control, and ruin it in a few hours
i want my self control back.

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[02 May 2008|09:53am]

its 9.54am. why am i awake at this ungodly hour when i'm on holiday? why is my heart palpitating so fast? why am i so weak? :( i can hardly walk coz my legs seem to want to give way and collapse and they hurt because of exercising so hard. at least thats a sign im getting somewhere!! hopefully..
im having a cup of coffee now. thought it'd work and sort of diminish the weakness but nothing is happening.
how is everyone doing?
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help. please. [17 Apr 2008|11:06pm]



i don't know what happened. i am the complete opposite with eating than i have ever been. i dont know how to control myself around food anymore.

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Hello [05 Aug 2007|03:44pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

Name: Becka
Age: 15
Location: Wales
Height: 5'7
CW: 201
HW: 260
LW: 120
STGW: 150
LTGW: 110

Here about me is kinda off ish?

Time to say I think it's time to say hello ^-^
I am fat.
No I really am disgustingly over-weight.
I'm 201 pounds ((Yuck))
And I have 4 weeks before getting some piercings and I am determined their going to look amazing.
I used to be 120 pounds ((Hard to believe I know))
And I want to get back down to there, I know I probably won't do it in four weeks. . .but I want to get rid of IT.
Tomorrow I'm starting my strict regime of things.
Fruit at a minimum no junk food.
I want to start a fast. . .and was wondering if anyone would do one with me?
Please I really need the help to stop be from being so disgusting.
I'm determined to post in everyday with my weight. . .
Please help?

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[28 Mar 2007|09:13pm]

[ mood | numb ]

there is a need 2 explain myself... I've never posted anything here. And I've probably proved it by admitting it. The thing is well I was so near what i wanted and then it all crashed... it fucking crumbeled 2 pieces. It was all in my grasp and then it ... how shall I say, EVAPORATED.

A bit extreme but it is true. I was so good at it and strangely I was happy. In this bizarely disturbed way. the only thing I'd like to think that stopped me and made me the way I am at this current moment in time is ... MY fucking stewpid gay ass mother. For all that you get along with your mums I envy you. For all of you that dont get locked out of your house on purpose after coming home at 2:oo in the morning from a friends and after not eating for 4 days.... I fucking envy you. For all of you that didn't think HEy! They'll love me if I eat and then end up developin something far worse.... I ENVY YOU.

Uhhhhhh.... I sigh because really if I was 'that' good I wouldn't be where i am right now stuck in this shit hole of a house with my parents (GROUNDED) and something like fifty pounds bigger than what I was when I was lets say in control....

I am quite aware that I have left a vague description of myself but really i think you might be repulsed if I went any further into how messed up I am.
Height- 5'9".... weight- need it be that putrid???
Goal- 7 stone (105 pounds)

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[08 Mar 2007|10:37pm]

name: Meena
height: 5'2"
CW: 106 lbs
HW: 118 lbs
LW: 100 lbs
GW: 98 lbs

fast on gals.
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NEW [21 Dec 2006|09:12pm]

Name: vicky
Age: 15
Location: england
Height: 5"
CW: 120lbs
HW: 130lbs
LW: 115lbs
GW:88lbs (but ill keep going untill im as small as i can get!)
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hi [21 Dec 2006|08:52pm]

[ mood | rejected ]

im new to this...all of it, i just want support to loose weight... ALOT of weight support that non of my friends will give me (they dont understand me and think that starving myself is stupid or something) so i joined to find friends and people who do understand and can help me acheve my dream of being super skinny im only 5ft (and that does nothing for my figure) i weigh alot and i wanna loose so much and have a figure with bones to show and stuff i have the will power... i think and the desire all i need is some understanding and people to help me

soz if this makes no sense ive never done it before

thanx xx

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*waves* [03 Aug 2006|11:14pm]

[ mood | numb ]

Hello All
I'm new here.... but not new to ana, although her power has seemed to have been lost. I want, need, crave the control I once had. I want to fly in the wind and feel the surge of energy and enlightenment during a fast. I want to live, to be free.
I'm having trouble, and it is destroying me. My mind has gone to mush.

Anyways, these are my stats. Please don't laugh!!

CW: 130
HW: 135
LW: 115
GW1: 120
GW2: 110
UGW: 99

I'm new to LJ too, so if you wanna chat or something....

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[new...] [10 Jul 2006|09:37pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

i've_been_here_before...Collapse )

x posted

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[02 Jul 2006|06:53pm]
Sorry, but the previous link about Britney was wrong. Here is correct one...

Short introduction [14 May 2006|10:27pm]

Name: Alia
Age: 18
Location: USA
Height: 5'5
CW: 115
LW: 100
STGW: 90
LTGW: 85
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[11 May 2006|05:49am]

Name: Jaci
Age: 15
Location: atlanta
Height: 5 7"
CW: 108
HW: 125
LW: 89
STGW: 90
LTGW: I really don't think there will ever be an ultimate goal for me because I honestly can't ever imagine being happy with myself. As small as possible.
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New [14 Apr 2006|10:40pm]

Name: T*
Age: 19
Location: Canada
Height: 5'3"
CW: 124.8lbs
HW: 147lbs
LW: Current
STGW: 117lbs
LTGW: 107lbs
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