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name "alexander boykitten"
age 17
sex other
location coventry, uk
height 5' 7.5"
current weight ~140 lbs
highest weight ~180 lbs
lowest weight ~120 lbs
goal weight ~120 lbs
ultimate goal weight ~80 lbs
current bmi 22.3
dress size 8/10 uk
weigh in everytime i see a scale
body hates my legs and thighs and everthing fat
body likes my face and skin and bone structure
idols kyo, gackt, marilyn manson, kate moss, dita von teese
weirdness i do the whole food ritual thing, dreaming in food
why i'm here i've struggled with eating issues all my teenage life.
i've also been bullied my entire school life.
mainly for being fat.
i ate compulsively from an early age, i discovered purging at about 13 and i started fasting and really losing weight fast at 15.
i was diagnosed bulimic at 14.
i was diagnosed anorexic at 16.
i am now 17 and in "recovery"...
and i've been in therapy nearly 5 years now.
i'm on anti-depressants and anti-psychotics.
i'm fat.
and i hate it.
i want to get thinner.
i'm still anorexic inside even though i've let my body reach the dreaded and disguisting 'normal weight'.
nothing has changed.
everything that goes into my mouth makes me want to hurt myself.
most recently me
as i used to be
5. <- NSFW


i hope this is okay...

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July 10 2006, 21:52:56 UTC 11 years ago

Oh, I think you're beautiful! Can I friend you?
Meheh, sorry, thats me ^ Forgot to log in.
youre cute (more like gorgeous). youre styles cute. im going to add you.

tia leigh
sure, this journal's pretty much dead though...

you can add my proper lj if you like, boykitten...

x anamiakitten x
added it.. add me on that then, too? ♥