megantheswimmer (megantheswimmer) wrote in as_we_disappear,

need to talk to someone

I didn't eat yesterday and i'm 2 pounds away from my FIRST goal weight!!! I'm so excited! that means i'll be 9 pounds down from my starting weight!!!! Okay and i'm having cravings...

I've been eating every other day for the past 5 days or many calories do you think i should have to keep losing weight at this rate? between 500 and 1000?

aim me or email me

aim: thinwinsfirst
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i get nasty little cravings too and youre probably still in school arent you? all you have to do in school is sit and think about food because homework is all brain work and you can get really distracted. i work in a factory right now and that helps a lot. i used to weigh 157 and last time i was able to get to a scale ( -.- sometime in february) i weighed 141 and that was after four days of work! all i can tell you is try your hardest to distract yourself from them. the weather is getting nicer but steer clear of those nasty little ice cream shops. ive succumbed more than once. not only is it a drain on pocket but a sinful expansion of the waist hips and thighs.
Stay strong sweety